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Friday 12 October 2012

Fela Smith Feat. Mario Evon - I used to Love her. Published by @Lanredavies

Abovav Group is proud to release the music for I Used to Love Her, featuring Mario Evon the second single, from Fela Smith’s EP album “The Introvasion”. I Used to Love Her is a lyrical metaphor, that shows off Fela Smith’s creative and authentic side as a multi-faceted artist. The album, which also features Fela Smith’s first single Fantasy will be dropped later this year on SMG Reckords, a Canadian based record label.

“The Introvasion” will be Fela Smith’s first EP. The mixtape will be comprised of numerous songs that will speak to the audiences mind, body and soul. The I Used to Love Her video will be the second collaboration between director Scott Keenan and Abovav.

Fela Smith began writing songs at a young age, progressing lyrically to create vivid imagery. His passion for the arts allows him to bring unique and intricate avant-garde material through his company, Abovav to be appreciated and shared globally. Fela Smith honors himself in creating audio art that is not seen, but heard melodically through the ears of its listeners.

I used to Love her

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