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Tuesday 23 April 2013


MADC ( caught up with Loose Kaynon, a Loopy Music Artist - right on the heels of the release of his latest singles. And in his usual self-effacing, unapologetic self-puffery, he didn't hesitate to remind us who in his words the best rapper right now in the game is.



So how did you know this was the right time?


It just felt right. Everything came together. Like for a while, people had been asking for loose kaynon music and everything. They had to wait a bit because work was in progress, now the time is just right. We had the music. We had the brand in the place we wanted it to be and everything felt right and we just hit the ground running.


So tell us about the Loose Kaynon brand


Mehn I could sit down here and be like I’m your regular every other day guy but I’m really not. I’m more awesome than that. I’m awesome actually. But I mean it’s just for lack of a better word.

I try to tell stories with my music. People see me and they have a picture in their head. They hear my music and then they have another picture in their head. Also, they hear me have a conversation and they have a third picture in their head. I just try to find a way to put all those sides of myself into one person; from the way I dress to the way I talk on my interviews to the way I perform right to the way I put out my music. All of this is because all those things come into the brand. I don’t be putting out music the everybody else puts out music. Because I don't think there’s any rapper that’s fucking with me in Nigeria. Period.

That being said I can make those claims but I have to back it up with numbers. Somebody like MI can make that claim boldly because he has the numbers to back that up. And that’s where we’re trying to go. So we’re going to have to make music for the purists and we’re also going to have to make music for one hundred and sixty million Nigerians.

Doing both of these things without losing the essence of who Loose is.


So what’s next


The Grammy’s, and then a lot of money. We be doing that already right now. We’re trying to get the money. we’re trying to back up the old claims with the making all of that cheddar. We talk a good one so far, because we know we could back it up but we need to start backing it up right now. That’s what we’re doing putting out this new music.

Once again I feel like the dopest, and those songs the best rap songs out of Nigeria this year. I could say that anywhere — hope you’re going to publish that — and there are people that are going to like the songs but there are people that are not going to like it. I can’t do nothing about people’s opinions. But as far as Loose Kaynon goes, that’s the jam right there. If you’re going to be honest with yourself, I don’t know any rap song that has come out this year that tops that joint. I've been talking to people and they've been telling me like music right now is so underwhelming. It’s so one way, so monotonous and everything. And I’m not going to clean up sheet to save Nigerian music but I’m just here to lay my mark. I’m just here to do me.

I’ll do Loose Kaynon and I believe that is more than enough.


What’s happening in Wax Lyrical


Wax Lyrical is going to flourish regardless because if something has survived for three years then there must be something special about it. Because in those three years people have tried to do rap shows and they didn't go past the third edition so there must be something we’re doing right. Wax Lyrical is going to get to the point where I might not even be involved because the label keeps telling me ‘the way we’re going to work this thing, you’re going to get very busy’. But Wax Lyrical is not going to die because Loose Kaynon left.

Yeah i founded the show but we also need to keep it going. Its just a part of the legacy in the long run that’s what i’m trying to say next 20, 30 years it’s going to be a part of the conversation.


What milestones would you be satisfied with at the end of this year?


At the end of this year? Let me see. I’m pretty greedy so you (chuckles) might not want to be asking me that but at the end of this year; the recognition comes first. Because far as making music for the whole of Nigeria and trying to be lyrical with it, there’s no body touching me. People need to start recognizing that. At the end of the year i need that established. At the end of the year I need the anticipation for the album to be high-heaven levels like people need to burn that Loose Kaynon joint. I mean i’m gonna stay in the studio keep working. Yeah we gon’ cut a few checks and cash a few checks and run through a few bottles and models.


I’m just f*cking with you.

It’s just success and results for the hard work we've been putting in. Yeah that’s about it.


Thanks for your time


@loosekaynon @loopymusic1

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