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Tuesday 14 May 2013

Mr Solek Feat. Olamide Won Ti Gbowo Mi De (Official Video).Published by @Lanredavies

Born Adesoji Adebayo, Solek aka Wonderboy is an Afropop Afrobeat Juju Beat maker, Musician, Producer, Live Performer, Entertainer and Singer who has been on the music scene since 1995.

Born in England and raised in the heartlands of Ibadan one of the oldest and most powerful cities of Yorubaland and the second largest city in Nigeria dating historically back of the days of the Yoruba civil wars in the 1830's.

He moved back to his country of birth in the early 90’s and maintained his interests in music finally quitting his profession as an accountant to pursue an active career as a performer. 
He started out making beats and presenting as a one man band with peers vividly describing him in the early days as an artiste who would show up at a gig with cymbals strapped to his elbows, drums strapped to his knees, a saxophone on one shoulder and a guitar on the other with a keyboard hanging around his neck armed with a voice to bring it all together. He worked the scene with the likes of Don Jazzy and other prolific producers and artists worldwide.

His style of music is strongly linked to the Fuji-juju style and he has developed fusion of traditional and modern Yoruba sounds, mixed in with Fuji and juju, sprinkled with pop, blended with hip-hop and R&B

Solek has ingeniously created and branded his own unique recipe of music called, Solek Style “hip juju”. ‘JUJU-TUNGBA’ a modernistic style of afro beat music that actively involves the use of Yoruba colloquialism, words, syllables and rhymes that are interspersed with hints of pop, jazz, blues and soul in the African style popularly called Afropop/Afrobeat.

Traditionally Yoruba music is very much based on culture, flair, vibrancy, deep and resonant vocals with instrumental accompaniments and Solek has proven his abilities in this field and has risen to prolific popularity in the UK, America, Middle East, Europe and other parts of the world.

Solek has become a household name by embracing the habit of being a working and travelling artiste and by staging performances worldwide performing in arenas to the public, for private functions to individuals and at public functions to corporate and High level performances including serenading members of the Nigerian Elite including former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo.

His success continues and he attributes this to his determination to focus on hard work, the continued support and thriving diasporian community who embrace and encourage cultural continuity as well as his extensive fan base spanning several age groups and his efforts to take his style of music back to Nigeria and continuously perform and record niche style authentic music.

He has recently released a new single entitled WÓN TI GBÓWÓ MI DÉ featuring the well known rapper Olamide Check it out!

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