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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

INTERVIEW: DA CHAT with Lil Kesh (Video)

Former YBNL artiste, Lil Kesh, who did not renew his record deal with Olamide’s YBNL Nation label, spoke with Zinnia, host of Da Chat on HFtv Africa in this week’s episode of the online show.

The indigenous rapper explained his present relationship with former label and ex label mates. He debunked words of actually leaving the label; that he simply did not renew his contract, but he is still in business with his former label. In his words,

“I did not leave YBNL, business wise the contract ended…. YBNL…the way it’s built, business or no business it is a family thing …we are all brothers.”

Lil Kesh, who released his debut and only album, YAGI on YBNL went ahead to flag his on record label and he explained that it was only proper that he moved on with his own label, since he doesn’t believe any other label could have much to offer him. According to him, Olamide, who he sees as a father figure, trained him and his former label mates as bosses.