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Monday, 9 January 2017

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: 16 People Have Been Arrested for the Robbery on Kim Kardashian in Paris

It was only in October last year that news spread of a gunpoint robbery on Kim Kardashian in Paris. The perpetrators took a significant amount of jewelry that was estimated to be worth €9 million, which also included her 20-carat engagement ring. Despite ongoing investigations, the media has heard little about the progress in the capture of these armed men until now. It was originally believed that incident involved five armed men wearing ski masks and police uniforms but 16 people have now been arrested in France thanks to DNA traces left at the scene. Moreover, one of the suspects was being watched by French detectives when trying to sell one of the stolen pieces to a re-seller.

According to the publications Le Figaro and Le Point, the arrested men were as “veteran guys from the housing estates and people from the travelling community,” and police officials revealed they were in their 50s with one assailant being 72 years of age. The police have the power to hold suspects up to 96 hours as part of their investigation into the events.

In case you didn’t catch the incident, hit play on the video below, which sees Kim Kardashian talk about the ordeal that included having a clamp to bind her while the men relieved her of numerous precious belongings. SOURCE: