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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

GADGET: Lenovo's new VR headset is coming for less than $400

Let's face it: With the way things are going, you won't be able to dodge virtual reality forever. That's exactly why Lenovo has been working on a relatively inexpensive VR headset for Windows machines, and we got the chance to strap one on and take it for a spin. Before we go any further, though, let us answer the question you're surely asking: No, there's no word yet as to when the headset will ship (aside from "later this year"). That said, Lenovo has said the device will cost less than $400 when it goes on sale.

So, what exactly will you get for the money? A surprisingly comfortable headset that manages to do room-scale VR on the cheap. See, existing headsets like the HTC Vive weigh around 550 grams, with most of that weight hanging off the front of your face. Lenovo's approach is a little more elegant. The final model will be somewhere around 350 grams, and is designed to rest mainly on your forehead as opposed to the bridge of your nose. I only got to wear it for about a half hour, but I felt none of the fatigue that long play sessions with the Vive can leave people with. For those keeping track, Lenovo's headset is also about 100 grams lighter than the Oculus Rift, though we'll see if any of other partners building headset that work with Windows Holographic can beat that. READ MORE: HERE