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Wednesday 12 July 2017

MUSIC VIDEO: Simba Tagz Feat. Ex-Q x Ba Shupi – Zvakanaka

“Following the successful release of his debut album, Natural Selection in 2016, Simba Tagz keeps the ball rolling with his new single “Zvakanaka”. Already a fan favourite, with the video enjoying regular spins on various music televisions channels, Simba Tagz roped in industry veterans Ba Shupi and ExQ. “I needed something different, a sound that was not on my album, and after testing the song on stage, it only seemed right that Ba Shupi and ExQ should add some colour to it,” says Simba. With a remix already on the cards, Zvakanaka, meaning ‘it’s all good’, is poised to be a regular appearance on playlists around the continent.” 

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