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Friday 21 April 2023



After nurturing and growing her audience through live performances and recording camps, Port-Harcourt based Rukmani drops single titled Gateway drug.

Rukmani is a singer/songwriter who has mastered her breathtaking vocal ability through blending soulful elements with Afrobeats and a sultry mix of R&B and pop.

Through her music Rukmani aims to inspire others to turn their pain into something beautiful.

Growing up with just her mum. Rukmani found refuge in music and used it to express her emotions and cope with challenges. Her childhood encounters made her tough. but she refused to let her past define her.

At age six. Rukmani discovered her love for music while singing in church, and her gift was quickly recognized by her peers. However, she faced many obstacles on her path to pursuing her passion. including failed auditions for singing groups. Nevertheless, she never lost sight of her dream and eventually received a life-changing suggestion to pursue music professionally.

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