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Monday 10 January 2011

Drake and J.Cole live performances in London

Drake and J.Cole breezed in to London for concerts in which both headlined. The increase in popularity of Drake over the last year has been aided by his continous fantastic features on various songs i.e "whats my name" Rhianna, "bed rock" young money crew and so on. His debut album topped the charts in the states and it produced ssuccessful singles "over" and "best i ever had"His word play has been cosigned by some of the biggest rappers in the game and his confidence when singing is also being hugely applauded by his fans and his peers i.e "find your love". J.Cole on the other hand broke on to the scene with his hugely successful song and video "who dat" and his signing by Jay-Z's label RocNation has helped to solidify his talents and respect in the rap industry. Drakes collaboration with J.Cole is something of a shock if we are going by blogs and gossip sites in the states, this is so because they have been pitted against each other as rivals in the music business. They are both around the same age, have wonderful punchlines and a large following mostly females so it made sense for them to be in competition. But as the succesfull individual concerts and more importantly the collaboration gig at the London Hammersmith Apollo videos show, they are good friends with mutual respect for each others art and skills. So for all the beef mongers out there the only competition you are going to get from these two will be in the album sales department and nothing more Sorry! by Adesope follow on twitter/sopsydoo

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