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Sunday 19 February 2012

DENCIA - SUPERGIRL. (Listen) Published by @Lanredavies

Fast Rising Pop Starlet DENCIA who came into the limelite with her hit single "BeriBeri" has officially dropped her 2nd single titled "SUPERGIRL". Supergirl, a charismatic pop love song has Dencia showing a softer side of her where she defines herslf as a diva who is simply looking for a man who will treat her right. In the chorus Dencia states "You know that I'm a diva, love me and I'll love you back, its gotta be 50/50, if you wanna be with me" addressing the stereotype about Divas and telling us that Divas do know how to love back irrespective of their strenght. Like songs like "We run the world" by Beyonce, Supergirl, is an anthem of sorts for all independent ladies out there, but more specifically for independent ladies who know how to reciprocate love. Dencia's previous single, titled BeriBeri rocked airwaves upon its release and is still hot till date and from the sound of Supergirl, Dencia is improving in her talent and also showing us she wont be stoppin anytime soon. 


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