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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dudunorth Interviews Korrectnation CEO.(Video)

Dudunorth caught up with the CEO of Korrectnation for an interview. He shares the story of how it started and more. Watch and enjoy. Excerpt as seen on

When I was starting out Dudunorth, one of the first people I approached was Lotanna. I hadn’t ever met him but someway, somehow, I found myself speaking to him about Dudunorth and then adding him on my blackberry, as a good resource…

Long story short, I had never heard of Korrectnation till I held a conversation with Robert Odudu of Odudu Photography. Within minutes I was typing in> into my web browser, wondering why exactly I was out of the loop.
Later on in the day, I tried to get across to Lotanna, only to be informed that he was probably in bed as he had been up all night updating his website.  You see, from that act of dedication, I see a man that would go far. A little sleep, a little slumber so shall….*complete it*. It takes a certain kind of man to forsake sleep for the things that he loves, or is passionate about. It starts with a website and who knows….
It really is that crack in the door that we force open, that determines our future.  Let’s meet Lotanna already…



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