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Friday 14 December 2012

MISS DORA - BADEST CHICK ALIVE(Listen).Published by @Lanredavies

Miss Dora, bringing attitude, ego and edge all the elements of a true rap Diva is back in the game fresher and stronger. Ladies stand up Miss Dora is here to mark her territory.Dora Eppe also known as Miss Dora aka Egbere Mama is a new upcoming artist in Malaysia that is taking the music industry by storm. In a market that is dominated by male artist Miss Dora is here to show that what guys can do girls can do it better.
With a unique rap lyrical flow, Miss Dora will get you bopping your head with the same attitude she brings in her tracks. This young lady is here to set the standard and bringing the bar high.
Having worked with established artists in Malaysia such as S-Realla Bulldozer, Gud Ntentionz and Prince Micah Miss Dora is not wasting time in getting her music polished and ready to blow your minds. She  received an award for best female artist at the 2012 African Entertainment Awards (AEA).
She is currently working on a new album that promises to be fierce, lively and full of tracks that will make you dance.Here is a new hit from Miss Dora BADEST CHICK ALIVE a  freestyle.
Badest Chick Alive (BCA)
Miss Dora - Freestyle (Rap)

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  1. Love the attitude and mad flow......ladies stand up!!""""