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Tuesday 7 May 2013

KOBE BRYANT SUES MY MOM STOLE My Memorabilia (Read more). Published by @Lanredavies

Kobe Bryant has fired off a lawsuit of his own over more than a million bucks worth of memorabilia ... claiming his own mother stole some of the stuff right from his home.

TMZ previously reported ... Kobe's mom, Pamela Bryant, has given an auction house 100 items from Kobe's basketball career from grade school on -- including jerseys, championship rings and trophies and lots of other stuff.

Pamela told the auction house the stuff was hers and got a $450,000 advance. Kobe told the auction house the stuff was his, so the auction house sued Kobe and asked a judge to rule they had the right to sell the memorabilia.

Now Kobe has countersued the auction house, claiming Pamela stole some of the items from his home and refuses to return many other items that Kobe left at her house when he grew up and left.

TMZ broke the story ... Kobe has given Pamela millions of dollars as well as homes and cars, but the two began feuding after he offered to buy her a house in Vegas but she wanted a more expensive one and he refused.

Kobe is asking a judge to shut down the auction and order the return of the items to him.

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