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Monday 23 June 2014

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Blue Ivy Steps Out With New Hair Do

After all the social media hoopla and even a petition over Blue Ivy’s wild hair, proud papa Jay Z stepped out with his little girl wearing her hair on top of her head in a bun.

Who knows if the new do is a response to the uproar, as even celebrities such as India Arie and Syleena Johnson got in on the fray to make jokes and defend BeyoncĂ© and Jay’s right to let their child’s hair go wild in a natural kind of way. 

The couple did not respond to comments, but it’s obvious from the new photos “leaked” that Jay Z wants people to see her that her hair is combed and under control. 

Jay Z had the take out a museum and made no effort to hide her face or hair from the public. She was actually dressed in flowery dress with a decorative knot around her hair bun.

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