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Thursday 31 July 2014

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Remy Ma has been released from prison after a six-year sentence.

UPDATE #2: Remy Ma has been released from prison after a six-year sentence.

Papoose recently announced Remy Ma's release date during a performance. 

“They locked my bitch up for six years," Papoose said during the show. "But guess what? July, she cominghome." 

Papoose further elaborated upon Remy Ma'srelease. 

"July 30, y'all," Pap said. "It's goin' down for real...She took that bid better than I seen a lot of niggas take they bids. I was there every step of the way and she took that shit like a champ. We ain't glorifying that shit. Whatever happened happened. But it's an actual fact. She handled that shit like a real bitch." 

"Yeah, been a little minute," Remy said at the time. "Been almost five years that I've been gone. People had a lot of time to chill. It's almost over. I'm gonna be back like I never left." 

In May 2008, Remy was sentenced to eight years in prison. The rapper was charged with shooting an associate, Makeda Barnes-Joseph. At the time, Remy reportedly spoke to the judge about her life. "I'm not a thug," she reportedly said. "I'm not a hard-core anything, I have feelings. I'm a wife, mother, daughter, big sister."

In April 2012, Pap spoke about Remy and how she inspires him. “It actually inspires me," Papoose said of Remy's incarceration. "It inspires me to do better, because that could be me in that situation. It could be you or anybody living in this country. None of us are exempt from that. It could happen to any one of us. Everybody that’s incarcerated is not guilty."

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