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Friday, 4 July 2014

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Tinie Tempah 'My Third Album Could Be My Last'

Tinie Tempah has hinted that his third album could be his last because fans are living in a shuffle generation run by streaming services and iTunes. The MOBO Award-winning rapper insists he’s not retiring but suggested that due to the changing musical landscape, traditional album releases are now outdated and digital means are the way forward.

Tempah states that he is most likely to release music in a playlist format after the release of his third LP. The comments come off the back of Radio 1's Head of Music Ergatoudis saying "albums are edging closer to extinction" earlier this week.

According to The Sun, he said:

This is a Spotify/iTunes/shuffle generation. I don't think people really listen to albumscompletely from track one to 12. People now curate their own playlists so I think it's clever to beat them to it and say, 'Here it is, done for you.' A third album will emerge some time but I think another after that is uncertain.

The artist, who last released the album 'Demonstration' in 2013, also claims the rise of celebrity producers and DJs is killing the careers of singers.

He told the Daily Star newspaper:

Producers are the new rock stars but they aren't the artists. It's killing the opportunity for any real solid artists to have well-rounded careers. 'The charts are so producer-driven these days. Even though there's a vocal on the song, it's all about the beat and who made it.

The 26-year-old star, who is performing at Wireless Festival in London and Birmingham this weekend, thinks there isn't many ''album level artists emerging'' because it's all about tracks.

He said: ''For example, Jess Glynne is an amazing new singer and I hope people don't ignore her solo stuff just because it's not with Clean Bandit.” 

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