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Friday 11 July 2014

GADGET: You’ll soon be able to control Google Glass with your mind!

Google’s Glass EXPLORER program has just kicked off in the UK, and thanks to its wider availability, plenty more apps have sprung up for Google’s wearable – including one that lets you control Glass with your mind! It’s called MindRDR, and with it, you’ll be able to snap a photo and share it to your favourite social network with just a thought! READ ON for all the details!

Navigating through Google Glass with your voice or by using the awkward TOUCHpanel on the side, can sometimes be a pain, but what if you could simply carry out actions just by thinking? That’s what London-based DESIGN studio This Place is aiming to enable, all thanks to its new MindRDR app. Simply by thinking, you can snap a photo using Google Glass, and then share it to Facebook or Twitter with just a few brainwaves – the only drawback is that you need some extra kit to get it to work.

The first version of the FREE APP links your already pricey £1,000 Google Glass wearable with a Neurosky MindWave EEG headset, which will set you back another £70 or so, and it’s an extra item to wear on your head. The MindWave also only measures four different senses out of a possible 18, meaning functionality is just limited at the MOMENT – but it does open up the possibilities for the future, and as the app is open source, you could see even more apps pop up that let you use Google Glass with just your brain.

We’re excited to see where this app and HARDWARE will take us in the FUTURE, and you could soon be seeing a fully integrated mind-reading solution too – we know we can’t wait to get our brains on it. No doubt you can expect to see more developments with the MindRDR app, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the latest as soon as we hear it.

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