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Thursday 24 July 2014

GADGETS: Get ready for multiple iWatches with different designs!

We’ve already heard that multiple iWatches could be on the way in October in two different sizes, but a new report suggests that APPLE is working with watch-making partners like Swatch to create different versions of the anticipated wearable that will arrive in a range of styles and prices too. Which one will be the perfect watch for you? READ ON for all the details!

According to a new report from VentureBeat, APPLE has plenty of different designs on the way for its iWatch, and it looks like you could be seeing a whole family of watches on the way. The report says that Apple has been working with at least one watch-centric partner, Swatch, to help develop a whole line of different styles for the upcoming wearable, while Timex is also believed to be working with the Cupertino giant, meaning you could be spoiled for choice when the fabled iWatch finally launches.

VentureBeat’s source has also said that APPLE and its partners will be offering a range of different designs to suit your taste, whether that’s “geek or chic”, meaning you won’t be forced to stick to the one-look-suits-all approach that’s plagued the likes of Samsung’s Gearwatches, or the current Android Wear watches.

Apple’s fabled wearable is anticipated for an October launch, which could tie in with the launch of the new iPhones too – we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest Apple details as soon as we hear them.

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