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Wednesday 13 August 2014

GADGETS - Skully: Meet the smart helmet that packs in a heads-up display, rearview camera and GPS navigation!

Helmets probably aren’t the first thing that spring to mind when you think of smart tech, but the new Skully AR-1 is definitely smarter than average. This new Indiegogo project crams in a surprising amount of features, including a heads-up display and a rear-view camera, helping to keep you more aware of what’s going on around you, making for what could be the ultimate life saver. Want one of these?

Claiming to be the “world’s smartest motorcycle helmet”, the Skully AR-1 offers all the details you’re ever likely to need while hitting the highway, showing you plenty of information on a heads-up display in front of your eyes. It means you won’t need to look away from the road at any point, and it may even save you from needing the protective qualities the Skully AR-1 also has to offer.

The heads-up display offers handy info like the speed you’re travelling at, with Bluetooth ONBOARD too making it possible to see and respond to incoming call. Those are handy features to help keep your eyes on the road, but its the rear-view camera projected in the corner of the visor that could really prove to be a life saver.

With GPS also built into the helmet, the Skully AR-1 can even offer turn-by-turn directions, displayed discretely at the top of your visor, so again there’s no need to take your eyes off the road. It’s not just about vision either, as the Skully AR-1 can also stream music to your ears via Bluetooth from your SMARTPHONE.

Want to get your hands on the Skully AR-1? Head over to the company’s Indiegogo page, where a pledge of $1,599 (£953) will get a helmet delivered to you around May 2015. It’s certainly not the cheapest helmet on the MARKET, but with all that tech crammed in, it looks like it could be the ultimate helmet for taking on the road – and it could end up saving your life too.

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