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Wednesday 22 July 2015

MUSIC: Lolo - "Naija Go Survive" #NAIJAGOSURVIVE!

Lolo is a live performer rocking the Lagos underground music scene. Creating a genre she describes as "Afro n B", Lolo reminds us again why her sound remains unique. Alongside supporting music band, The Veterans, her eclectic performances are enjoyed at various functions and events around the country. Dubbed 'The hostest with the mostest", you can catch Lolo at the hugely acclaimed 'Bogobiri Open Mic Thursdays', 7-11pm.

On "Naija Go Survive Single", Lolo's Passionate Open Letter to the Nigerian Youth:

Brothers and Sisters,

This song is a wake up call. Its time for a positive movement.

Today, we observe seeds of discord being sown in the hearts and minds of Nigerians home and abroad, via mediums such as print, publications, documentaries, film, the internet and airwaves (e no go work). We are subtly being veered towards calamity like sheep to the slaughter.. BUT, we are not sheep. We roar like Lions and it is time for the madness to stop.

The onus is on YOU. All this change talk means nothing if you do not ACT NOW. Especially those born post the Nigerian Civil War era, we have neither experienced the pain of the past, nor hardship, nor stared death in the face. By God's grace, so shall it remain.

Every young person needs to counsel their parents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters to lived through the civil war. A lot of wounds need to heal, so talk them through the pain and ask: "Is it really wise of us to relive war, death and destruction"?

We may have nothing to gain, but there are several bodies around the globe with vested interests in wars, none of any benefit to you - save for maybe relief agencies biting their nails and hoping you make their day and go to war. So I beg you all, let us be wise and act now.

It is time to relate with aggrieved fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, sisters and brothers by being the Voice of Reason. We don't want (inter-tribal) families separated, we do not want our children orphaned, we do not want wives widowed nor husbands, widowers. We say NO TO WAR in any shape, form or fashion. We refuse to be puppeteered by those with vested interests in our nation's demise. WE choose LIFE, NOT DEATH. We choose PEACE over war. Amen.

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