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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

VIDEO: Shooting on LIVE TV!!! RAW POV VIDEO WDBJ7 Reporter Killed In Bridgewater Plaza, Virginia

We don't believe in #Censorship The public has a right to know. This is the RAW POV video of the #WDBJ On Air Shooting in #Virginia this morning. The more you know. #StayWoke It has the VIDEO & pics from a Twixter account of Bryce Williams a/k/a Vester Flanagan. The backstary is below.

Shooting on Live TV News at Bridgewater Plaza, Virginia | WDBJ7 Reporter & Photographer Killed

TV news reporter, photog killed during live report

WSLS-TV reports that the shooting in Bridgewater Plaza involved a live news crew for WDBJ 7. The sound of gunshots was caught on video during a live interview. 

There was no immediate word on whether there were any injuries. WDBJ 7 reported that the incident involved their live crew. 

Two journalists died Tuesday morning in a shooting caught on camera.

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