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Tuesday 8 December 2015

A Brand New App Called Okiki(Meaning Fame)Is Aiming To Revolutionise The Nigerian Film Industry @okiki_app

Nollywood’s never had it so good

Nollywood the second largest movie industry in the world with over 1800 movies produced every year still faces 2 big challenges; film piracy and connection between core movie fans, artist and studios. 

A brand new app called Okiki (meaning ‘Fame’) is aiming to revolutionise the Nigerian film industry; focusing on empowering film distribution and connecting film fans and movie makers together via a unique socially interactive interface.

With years of experience and a team of expert developers behind it, Okiki is firmly set to shake up the digital streaming market, providing a slick, smooth user end experience that allows film fans to access to their favourite directors and artists in real time. 

Over the years the Nollywood industry have failed to address the issue of piracy; which has cost the industry 70-80% of its estimated $3billion revenue every year. If you’re a film maker then OKIKI is the perfect place to be to gain extra exposure, so upload your films to OKIKI and sit back while you earn revenue every single time an OKIKI user watches your content. 

As well, the app gives you the ideal chance to review movie performance and playback easily, and helps you to protect your creative assets, preventing your precious content from being pirated. We estimates OKIKI can help cut the issue of piracy by 40%. 

OKIKI offers you:

• A 1-1 live chat with viewers and movie makers (Public and Private 

• Live streaming from our powerful dedicated server makes for a superior 

• The option to invite your friends to watch and enjoy films with you 

• A guaranteed income if you’re a film maker - earn easily on all of your 

• Piracy protection for content creators 

• Pay effortlessly using secure in-app encryption technology 

• Live broadcast of movie primers, event and engagement sessions with 

Fans can interact with their favourite movie directors and Nollywood celebrities via live-streamed interviews and chats, and creators get the chance to connect with their fans, boosting revenue and providing invaluable publicity and exposure.

OKIKI offers something for every film fan, with top quality content on offer at mind-blowing price points. Make OKIKI your new go-to app whether you’re looking to get closer to the stars, relive boredom, share some film fun with friends, or are a studio, actor, or content creator looking to expand your fan base. sessions) available playback experience uploads fans OKIKI is the latest and most advanced way for fans and film makers to come together and enjoy the very best of Nollywood via an ultra-modern in-app interface available free for download.

Contact Name: Adebayo Dada 
Download Link (Android Only) -
MobileUK: +44 7946456229

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