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Thursday, 17 December 2015

INTERVIEWS: Omi Talks With Raro Lae

Omi Opens Up About His Personal Cheerleader, Collaborating With John Legend, False Claims He Lived In The US, Super Hero Powers & More!

Jamaican, multi-platinum award winning, solo artist, Omi, known for his hit singles, 'Cheerleader' and 'Hulahoop' came on The Raro Lae Show and gave her and his fans a deeper look into who Omi really is. Omi credits his passion and inspiration for music, to his late father and the natural Jamaican influence. Omi grew up in Jamaica, but frequented the Cayman Islands due to his father residing there prior to him passing.

Contrary to online reports, Omi clarifies that he never lived in New York, USA, and does not know how that rumor circulated.
Omi speaks of his musical influences including Bob Marley, Nat King, and surprisingly (and his most influential) John Legend, he even breaks into a John Legend song (and booooy can this man SING!) In Omi's words, he 'needs to get [a collaboration with John Legend] out of his system!

Things get juicy when Omi reveals who his personal cheerleader is, but he's quick to let fans know they can still holla at him, because according to him cheerleaders can come.... well you have to watch the interview to see what he said about that one! 

Lastly, Omi shows his fun side and reveals what superhero he would be and why, but his answer is pretty ironic considering he's scared of heights. Oh Omi! 

Watch the full interview and see what plans Omi has for 2016 including albums, touring and more!

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