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Saturday, 21 May 2016

MUSIC: AYOBA - IWO NI. @AyobaMusic

Making his debut with over 5, 000 plays in his first week with the release of Something About You, Ayoba makes a sweet return as he continues his story through the spectrum of love with the release of IWO NI (It's You). 

The Yoruba title translates to” It’s You”, which reflects off the lyrics that will make any person on the receiving end, feel extremely special! Picking up from where he left off from his sultry debut, Something About You, IWO NI is a sweet melody about the certainty he now has about the woman we met in part one. 

Showing the progression of the relationship, the Nigerian-British artist responds to the couple’s first argument by proving against issues or perceived imperfections, what's important is 'them'. The golden cover signifies how rich and refined this once confused encounter has become and moreover an indication that such admiration is for no one short over royalty. But could things heat up more or will things cool off by the 3rd instalment out in July? IWO NI is the second release out of a 5-track EP which chronicles the highs and lows of a relationship from start to finish. 

Each track covers a point in the spectrum of love and the distinguishing moods are represented by a specific colour, tailored to each artwork.