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Friday, 27 May 2016


The Question on everybody's lips lately has been "Where is Lynxxx"?...Well here is the answer.

The Syndik8 Ceo has been lowkey at work recording his long awaited Sophomore album over the years. After undergoing an evolution in his personality and ultimately his sound during his hiatus, Lynxxx is 2 albums ready to serve his fans with nothing but Good Music!

2016 is the year Lynxxx is set to make a statement with his music as he comes back armed and ready with singles and videos lined up for a promising year to thrill his core fans.

The first single off his project "The Album Before The Album" is titled 'Serve You' as we see Lynxxx get really personal as he shares his journey in his newly found faith.

This single answers all the questions we may have as in recent times, we have seen the buzz surrounding his Instagram posts filled with positive messages.

The Album is ready and scheduled to drop in a couple months, its all about good vibe and great music for Lynxxx so click the download button and get strapped for the Journey.