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Sunday, 29 May 2016

VIDEO: Wretch 32 - Antwi

One of the UK’s foremost rappers, musician and a progenitor in both the UK Rap and Grime movements, WRETCH 32 today shares a cathartic new track dedicated to his late mentor and friend, renowned and beloved music manager Richard Antwi. ‘Antwi’ is available to hear now via YouTube.

The last six months have been defining in WRETCH 32’s story. December of 2015 saw him reinforce his reputation as one of the UK’s most talented rappers with a visceral (and viral) performance on Charlie Sloth’s ‘Fire In The Booth’. A prolific writer, WRETCH spent the proceeding months writing and sharing ideas for a new project with his mentor and former manager Richard Antwi. After beginning work on a new track, WRETCH shared the files with Richard who immediately called him, enthusiastically encouraging WRETCH to share this single with the world. “’People need to hear this, this needs to go global’ he said”, WRETCH recalls. 

The track that went on to become ‘Antwi’ was the last track WRETCH shared with Richard who passed away in February 2016, only a couple of days after their call, representing a tangible loss to the UK music industry.

‘Antwi’ is a raw expression of WRETCH’s self. “I was just venting… and when you vent you’re free” explains WRETCH, describing the recording process. The song defies conventional pop structures, focusing instead on a chorus-less stream of consciousness. Meaning ‘Powerful and Complete’, the word “Antwi” itself feels like a poignant description of how Wretch sees this next chapter. “[Antwi] has no chorus, just an outro. 

I felt like, when you’re venting you just go… and you don’t stop until you finish what you wanted to say.”

Getting his start as a Grime MC in London’s Tottenham, WRETCH 32 rose to prominence in 2011 with his top 5 debut single ‘Traktor’. Going on to collect a number of awards for his outstanding albums ‘Wretchrospective’ and ‘Black & White’, WRETCH gained a reputation as one of the UK’s brightest talents. ‘Antwi’ represents a return to form for WRETCH 32 and cements his reputation as an immense British talent. 

Wretch 32 - 'Antwi' is a real special record, dedicated to mentor and man of greatness Richard Antwi & intro to the Album coming soon! Enjoy playing this one and sharing to the world!! 

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