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Thursday, 28 July 2016


StreetMic tha Virus, the Nigerian-born Des Moines based, Afro/Hip-Hop singer/producer, started collecting samples and creating original instrumentals for his EP titled, "Outta Skool: The Storybook," around July of 2015; in a unique and catchy style of delivery in what the artist has coined Afro-Fusion (a blend of Afrocentric tones, root Reggae and Hip-Hop samples on mid-baritone stimulating vocal chords), the EP emotionally tells inspiring stories of a young man sailing through the tough waves of life.

Yelling melodiously at the top of his voice, words lost in calm-harsh reverb, creating a mood that suggests depression, accompanied by an instrumental made with combination of Soul tormenting sounds in a manner that suggests anger and regret, StreetMic tha Virus tells a story of the contradictions between the promises struggling youths make when down below the ladder of riches and what they end up doing when they make the 'Big Money' and become successful; lost in the transitional gulf between reality and dreams, the artist teamed up with Lyrikal and Rhys to tell stories of self-deceit, hatred, struggles and victory ("That Life" & "Toast on the Grave"). In a self-reflective style of delivery, "Friends or Foes" succinctly tells a story of the heartbreak that comes from the betrayal we get from friendships that we put years into building; contradictory to what the title suggests, "Outta Skool: The Storybook (EP)" is not a material that tells college or high school stories, this is a project that deeply reflects on the struggles of life as an institution. | ENJOY!!!