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Thursday, 14 July 2016

MUSIC VIDEO: Systemat - ABJ City

"My music is just honest music about the things I notice within the Nigerian society that not too many people want to talk about." - Systemat

With so many recording artists trading their music within the Pop, Afrobeats and Hip-Hop/Rap genre, it's hard to find most of them preaching truth within their musical compositions; Systemat, an Abuja-based recording artist, defies all odds as he uses his music to enlighten the masses about their immediate environment and day-to-day occurrences. In light of this, Systemat unveils his latest single, "ABJ City," and to the surprise of fans and music pundits alike, he taps into the artistic form of his art and irradiates his fellow citizens about happenings and occurrences within the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja; he also had these to say,

"As artists, we have a whole host of experiences to talk about apart from going to the club and so forth; I just want to talk about other experiences that not many artists really shine light upon and I want to make it feel good at the same time, thus creating feel-good music mixed with some harsh honesty. I live in Abuja and artists from here don't really talk about the city that much, but we have experiences and stories that are unique to us in this city and that's why I decided to make a song about the city whilst pitching in on the things that people around never really talk about."

Accompanying this offering is also, a self-directed viral visual with a single-scene concept; listen up, watch and share your thoughts on the Alien Prose Production. | ENJOY!!!