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Friday, 14 October 2016

FACTORY78: @Saskilla talks about visiting SENEGAL The #Homelandsheroes (Going back to our roots) INTERVIEW.

SASKILLA is an artist with a strong sense of reinvention and entrepreneurship. He was born in Leeds and raised in South London. Saskilla has been a big part of the UK’s Grime scene for the last decade, forming Nu Brand Flexxx and being a member of Roll Deep. As a teen he was a working model became inspired by the many countries and cultures he saw while travelling. Saskilla began MC’ing at the age of 15 and gained many followers after clashing for the Lord Of The Decks. 

SENEGAL has a rich heritage of many peoples, including the Wolof, Fula, Serer, Jola, Mandinka and Sonika. Colonised by France, European classical music tried to find a home here, and with independence came the rise of the Griot. A Griot is a West African story teller, praise singer, poet and musician. Mbalax is one of the most popular Senegalese musical genres; a form of Serer percussive music using the sabar drum, and fused with Western Jazz, Dance, Soul, Latin and Rock. “I’m hoping to advance as an artist and I’m excited to experience the cultural clash”

HOMELANDS celebrates the influence of the parental heritage of four contemporary UK based black music artists. Exploring how their heritage has impacted on them as people and artists, HOMELANDS followed journeys to the motherlands of Grime MC Saskilla (Senegal), R&B Mercury Music nominee Terri Walker (Jamaica), producer

Diztortion (Suriname) and MOBO award winning R&B singer Shakka (Dominica).

Expect some special guests from the home countries, and an insight into what really inspired our artists from their going back to their roots.

18th October - Old Rep Theatre, Birmingham Start Time: 8pm
19th October - BFI, Southbank. London Start Time: 8pm