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Thursday, 10 November 2016

MUSIC: Moyeen - Lojiji

In times of unexpected and surprising events, soulful singer-songwriter Moyeen releases a rather timely and catchy guitar-driven tune: Lojiji meaning “suddenly” in english.

Lojiji is an upbeat melodic take on experiencing unanticipated changes in life, her witty intro leads into a relatable storyline of thriving despite the odds. Lojiji evokes hope and it's super cool that she pays homage to Ebenezer Obe as well.

However you slice and dice it “ Lojiji” is Moyeen’s finest tune yet and her velvet-smooth voice and catchy harmonies make her top the list of Nigeria’s export-worthy talent, watchout as her tunes take over your playlist! 

People-lover, problem solver, and out-of-the-box artist MoyeenOluwa plays guitar and writes her own music and melodies . She has plenty degrees but the most important are the degree she loves Love, realness and music .

After doing the needful , you know, after having a career in the top 4 Nigerian

professions list ; lawyer , doctor , accountant , engineer; Moyeen, against all odds ,choose

to fearlessly follow her dreams. She says “ I’ve always loved music, but I was too afraid, I cared what people would say, I feared I would fail.And it wasn't until Love exceeded fear

that I was able to commit fully to a serious relationship with music !”

Now when asked what her music is like .. she says :”my music is like cold water on a hot day, it’s refreshing cuz it's just me saying what most would like to say”.

Her past work includes her debut ballad “Follow My Dreams” and her pop- jazz Mr.Aristo, where she tactfully rubbishes an older man trying to lure her with money and fine things.