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Tuesday 22 November 2016


The year hallmarked maybe the beginning of a season for the world, a season of uncertainty and prudence, but in all this we must cut the human race some slack, because somewhere along the way being human became tertiary, we are now tribal, racial, religious before human.

Yes it was a tough year, but when a child is burnt for stealing Garri, it is no more about the year, it becomes about us, it is the height of frustration and depravity our world has come into, but we must still fight through.

It is always in the darkness you need the light, but we have forgotten we are the light, we must find darkness and be the light, it is the time to shine your light, and that is my simple message.

Taking advantage of the possibilities that Christmas brings, the love and joy the season imposes on us, I did a song called shine your light, a song, a movement, a project or whatever you want to call it, to push love to strange places, we must show love a different way this Christmas.

We now live in a global economy with a knowledge-based marketplace, where the ultimate measure of our success is becoming less about what we know, but more about what we do with what we know, and I know music transcends all boundaries, enjoy shine your light and follow the movement on instagram @sylproject

Dr. Foy is a medical doctor, astute television show host, MC, performer, media executive and pundit.

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