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Thursday 29 June 2017

FACTORY78: Dj Soupamodel, Africa’s Number One female Dj - interview

Dj Soupamodel, Africa’s Number One female Dj - all the way from Washington DC, recently paid an exclusive visit to Factory78 in London. During her visit, she talked about how rough it was for her when she started Djing, how she was discouraged and received a lot of backlash.

As one of the official American Grammy Award board members of the Washington DC chapter, she gives advice to artists on how to get nominated for Grammys. She goes further and talks about the challenges she faces as an African woman in the music industry and advices other women to work harder and never compromise.

Dj Soupamodel just signed an Afrobeat artist name Jay Cube, She gave us an insight into what it's like for an African artist to be signed to a major label and advised them that they should know their worth! and expect to be promoted properly outside of Africa.

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