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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

MOBO launches MOBO Help Musicians Fund to support grassroots artists

MOBO Trust launches MOBO Help Musicians Fund 
- To support grassroots artists

(Tuesday 24th October 2017) Today MOBO’s newly established charity MOBO Trust launched the MOBO Help Musicians Fund, in partnership with Help Musicians UK and hosted online at

This brand new scheme has been created by the organisation behind the annual star-studded MOBO Awards and Help Musicians UK, to support high potential artists at the very start of their careers in music. For the first round of applications, the deadline to submit online is 5th November 2017. 

Across a year, the fund will offer grants of up to £2,000 each, to support exceptional talent from across the UK with their musical career ambitions. Those eligible for the grants would be able to fund a broad spectrum of activities that are vital to an artist’s career and creative development - from vocal coaching, support for live performance and touring, video production, recording studio access, PR, marketing and promotion. The fund will not only be available to solo artists, but also producers, groups and songwriters who have been making music and performing, but do not already have significant financial backing. 

The newly established MOBO Trust, aims to help young people realise their potential in a wide range of disciplines within the creative sector. The MOBO Help Musicians Fund is the first scheme to be announced by the MOBO Trust and has been developed as part of the organisation's existing talent development programme. The aim being to encourage applications from genres beyond the existing commercial heartland such as RnB, Soul, Hip Hop, Grime, Jazz, Gospel, Reggae and African music.

Kanya King, Founder & CEO of MOBO Organisation said “MOBO has a long history of championing and supporting the next generation of musical talent in British black music. But with each new generation of artists, come new challenges to develop one’s art and get to the next level, so financial backing early on is critical to the long-term growth of a fledgling artist. We are delighted to partner with Help Musicians UK, a charitable organisation we have much affinity with, to offer extraordinarily talented artists the chance to progress at a crucial stage in their careers. In the past year alone, the British black music scene has grown from strength to strength, contributing hugely both commercially and artistically to our industry - MOBO continues to be pivotal in supporting the scene, from the start of a career, through to the pinnacle of success.” 

Claire Gevaux, Creative Director of HMUK said: “This is such an important partnership with MOBO Trust and we’re delighted to be offering this new opportunity to support emerging artists realise their career aspirations. We know that the journey to achieve a successful, long term career in the music industry can be incredibly tough. We are dedicated to investing in artists who are performing or creating great music and who, with a bit of support and guidance from this new fund can grow their talent even further.” 

MOBO Help Musicians Fund - Applications can be done online at Terms and conditions and eligibility criteria are online. All entries will be shortlisted. A panel of experts selected by MOBO and HMUK will judge the shortlist, done in four rounds across one year. Help with applications are available online, with tips on writing an application

About Help Musicians UK (HMUK) is the leading independent charity providing help, support and opportunities to empower musicians at all stages of their lives. As well as playing a vital role supporting working musicians who are dealing with an illness, injury or accident, we also provide a range of opportunities to support learning and professional. Through our Creative Programme, we aim to help musicians during the course of their careers by investing in innovation across artistic practice, talent and professional development, removing barriers that exist for many to launch and sustain professional music careers across all genres.

MOBO has been celebrating excellence in music for over 20 years and continues its rich legacy and ongoing growth as the premiere outlet for recognising and honouring the artistic and technical achievements of exceptional British and international talent in the musical fields of Hip Hop, Grime, RnB/Soul, Reggae, Jazz, Gospel, and African music. In 2016, the MOBO Trust was established to advance education in the Performing Arts, particularly amongst children and young people from diverse backgrounds. The 22nd MOBO Awards 2017 will take place at the First Direct Arena, Leeds on Wednesday 29th November. MOBO Trust, Somerset House, Strand, WC2R 1LA. Registered charity number: 1169006. MOBO Trust Chair: Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE.

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