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Wednesday 4 October 2017


REZthaPoet is a top-notch spokenword artiste and poet of both the streets and the boardroom. His poetry comes from deep spoken meditation on ideas and thoughts with a city life swag. REZthaPoet collages history, celebrates heritage, identity and roots with his art.

REZ has released the ‘I AM’ video off the Exposit LP. The SpokenWord Album has changed the game in SA, Nigeria and France where he has performed his art. ‘I AM’ has been called by audiences as one of the rave tracks off the album. REZthaPoet performs regularly at different art, entertainment, media, culture, and social enterprise platforms in Nigeria.

The ‘I AM’ video is an Oriki, a self-reflection of Identity that calls other people out of faking it without a diss. It tells a story of heritage, of culture and the strength of the human spirit. It is inspired by REZ’s experiences on the road of discovering himself.

REZthaPoet draws his style from the Yoruba traditional art form, Ewi, which is the vehicle of folk and history. He infuses it with the panache of cities across the world. He delivers his craft in English spiced with the protest pidgin that rules the everyday African life, this helps to reach both the elite and the displaced middle class.

Check out the Exposit Deluxe Edition on sound cloud and

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