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Wednesday 17 August 2022

INTERVIEW: Burgandy Williams - Talks UK X-Factor, growing up, losing her hair, appearing at Apollo Theatre etc. @Burgandywill

Burgandy Williams is an Atlanta native from a long line of singers. Her grandfather James Williams was the lead singer The Gospel Hummoniers where her grandmother wrote some of his songs.

And her father Kenneth Williams SR. was the lead singer of Atlanta’s Own, an R&B group in the early 80’s. She’s not the only singer of her 7 other siblings either, 5 of her sisters also sing and play instruments.

he attended the prestigious North Atlanta High School of Performing Arts, and that’s where her formal training began and from there began lessons with the well-known opera singer, Alteouise Austin at Morris Brown College. Burgandy’s talents reach from the sound stage to the main stage in singing and acting.

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