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Thursday, 2 May 2019

MUSIC VIDEO: Taze - Head Shoulders

Following his appearance on the remix of Top 10 chart smash ‘Gun Lean’ from his former duo partner Russ, Taze drops his new solo single ‘Head Shoulders’. Slicing through the middle of ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ and spinning it in to an edgy, dark drill smash, Taze looks set to carry the torch for Drill as it looks to gain a further grip on the ‘mainstream’. Produced by Prynce MINI, the record rings with gothic bell chimes and keys, alongside blasting shots and skittering snares, which Taze bites in to with lyrical force. 

Dropping cold and explicit bars and weaving them through one of the worlds most famed dance moves, whether intentionally or not, Taze has undoubtedly tapped in to the ever-growing phenomenon of viral dance crazes as this single becomes accessible to anyone soaking it in. As one of the leading figures in UK Drill, Taze has established himself throughout the urban music scene. His videos across YouTube exceed over 5 million views, his top 5 tracks on Spotify average out at almost 400k streams per track and his Instagram sits at a cool 83k followers. Having previously been part of a duo with Russ, the pair have hit out collaborative work alongside solo work consistently for the last two years. 

Together they have crossed seminal platforms such as Charlie Sloths ‘Fire in the Booth’ and they also released their epic ‘Lightwork Freestyle’ for PressPlay Media gaining over 1.6 million views to date. Meanwhile, with Taze’s lyrical skill being of impeccable strength, individual drops such as his ‘Behind Barz’ for Link Up TV, is quickly heading towards ¾ million views on its own merits. Serving up one of the most infectious records of 2019, Taze lights the fire on what is set to be the next dance craze and firmly places himself as one of the most important artists in the evolution of drill.



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