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Tuesday 18 August 2020

Burna Boy Is British GQ’s Hype For The Week

With his latest album, “Twice As Tall“, released last week, making 
waves and topping the charts around the world, it’s safe to say 
Burna Boy has outgrown his “African Giant” title.

Most recently he’s collaborated with Sam Smith, but his catalogue 
also includes songs with Stormzy, Dave, J Hus, Jorja Smith and 
Damian Marley, to name a few.  Last year, he featured on Beyoncé‘s 
“The Lion King: The Gift“. For “Twice As Tall”, Sean
 ‘Diddy’ Combs serves as the executive producer of the album.

The “Ye” crooner is British GQ’s Hype for the week. In this issue, he’s 
asking his listeners  to find out where their own hearts truly belong, 
his international collaborations and being unapologetically anti-racism.

Read excerpts from the interview:

On working from home on his album due to COVID-19 pandemic:

It’s been great for me, but I can’t say the same for everyone else. 
I’ve spent it being creative, researching, finding out more 
about myself, learning more about ancestors, trying to exercise 
my mind and body.

On “Twice As Tall” resonating with the British audience

It’s because of uni culture. Before people such as Burna Boy 
and J Hus blew up, about seven years ago, DJs such as Stamina and 
DJ P Montana were throwing raves for 4,000, 5,000 people 
and all they were playing was Nigerian and Ghanaian music 
– straight up Afrobeats. The underground scene just kept on 
getting bigger and bigger and evolved into what it is now. 
I think it started way earlier than what people seem to think.

On collaborating with Jae5 on Twice As Tall’s “Bank On It”

The vibe was amazing. We got in the studio, they hotboxed the room
– I don’t even smoke, but it gets me intoxicated. I was like, 
‘It’s the drugs,’ but it turned out to be way better than what 
we were originally doing. It was natural. Randy was on the 
keyboard, I was playing the bass and he was just vibing the 
melody for an hour. It was just us jamming.

He kind of just freestyled the song within an hour… Expect Burna Boy 
to be doing what Burna Boy does: educating and bringing the vibes 
at the same time.

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