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Friday 19 August 2022

MUSIC: Pheelz x Davido - "Electricity"


Breakout Nigerian artist, songwriter, award-winning producer (Fire Boy DML, Davido, Olamide), and multi-instrumentalist Pheelz continues to heat up the summer with his new sunny single ‘Electricity’ featuring Grammy nominatedAfrobeats icon Davido. The cut follows Pheelz’s breakthrough ‘Finesse’ – which has amassed over 200 million global streams and was included in former US President Barack Obama’s 2022 Summer Playlist - and builds on the feel-good fusion of pop sounds he has explored in his music so far. That carefree, celebratory energy is tangible in the accompanying video.
Listen to ‘Electricity’ HERE 
‘Electricity’ showcases the Lagos artist’s preternatural gift for making massive hooks feel low-key, relaxed, and, most importantly, emotional. “Life is not that deep, it’s all about the energy,” Pheelz declares over warm synths and fluttering drums. “You know everything I do is nobody else’s concern.” His floaty delivery, paired with the breezy production and Davido’s fluid vocals, make this the perfect anthem for late nights in the year’s warmest months. 
On collaborating with Davido, Pheelz said, "It was an amazing experience working with Davido. I had already recorded the song then I played it for him when we linked up. He liked it, and I asked him if he wanted to jump on it, and he did. Man, David’s a really cool dude, and our recording session was smooth!"
All of that is reflected in the TG Omori-directed video, which finds the collaborators in a series of luxe, colourful, and ultimately thrilling locations. Pheelz chills in a café filled with motorcycles and women then meets up with Davido in what looks like an ice cavern equipped with a hot tub, before the two wind up performing in the midst of a crowded club, flanked by dancers.
"Electricity is about a boy in the darkness who has a light inside of him and just wants to shine. It's a motivational song with undertones of sadness. I hope the lyrics resonate with everyone out there going through dark times...going through life's dark valleys. I hope they are encouraged to turn on their lights and vibrate on another frequency to the record," said Pheelz.
2022 has been an exciting year for Pheelz, who has made the most of every opportunity that has come his way since the massive success of ‘Finesse’ which established him as one of his home country’s most gifted producers and songwriters, as well as an international star on the rise. He recently performed a dazzling set at Essence Fest’s Afrobeats After Dark party in New Orleans and made his US television debut with a performance of ‘Finesse’ on NBC’s Late Show with Seth Meyers. Pheelz was also the first Afrobeats Artist to perform at the BET Awards Pre-Show, where he earned a 2022 nomination for Best New International Act
Now with ‘Electricity’ Pheelz cements his status as one of Nigeria’s most exciting crossover artists and delivers a track that will no doubt be on repeat at parties all summer long.

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