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Thursday 17 August 2023

NEWS: Nigerians Still Think Any American Artist Is Bigger Than Me – Burna Boy Speaks On Upcoming Album Titled ‘I Told Them’


Grammy award-winning Nigerian artist Burna Boy has said the title of his forthcoming album ‘I Told Them’ is a response to nonbelievers.

In an exclusive interview with the Los Angeles Times, released today, August 16, Burna Boy speaks on different things, including his forthcoming album ‘I Told Them’ and why it was given such a title.

‘I Told Them’, which drops next week, August 24, will mark the seventh studio album by Burna Boy. However, ever since it was first announced, the title, I Told Them, has left many curious and guessing its real meaning or the message behind it.

The album’s title, as Los Angeles Times put it, is a ‘flippant response to nonbelievers who’ve attempted to discredit him, both in the beginning of his career and now’.

Speaking of the ‘nonbelievers’, Burna Boy explains that there are still many Nigerians who believe that an up-and-coming American rapper is bigger than him. 

He continues that such people would say he could never never match up to the level of an American artist.

‘To this day, there’s many Nigerians who can tell you an American rapper who just started their career, and they’ll say they’re bigger than Burna Boy’, he says. ‘They don’t understand it. They’ll say, “There’s no way someone who talks like me, can even be on the same level as an American artist”’.

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