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Sunday 21 January 2024

MUSIC: "Unveiling 'Nwanilako' by Nina Roz: A Musical Journey into Love and Unity!

Get ready for a musical explosion as Ugandan sensation Nina Roz gears up to kickstart the new year with her much-anticipated release, 'Nwanilako.' Black Market Records, the powerhouse label behind Nina Roz's musical journey, has confirmed that the enchanting single is set to drop on YouTube and digital platforms this week.

In 'Nwanilako,' Nina Roz showcases her musical prowess with a captivating melody and powerful lyrics. The track emphasizes the essence of mutual support in relationships, highlighting the idea that partners should stand by each other through thick and thin.

As excitement builds for the release, fans can also indulge in the scintillating YouTube video featuring Nina Roz and Pastor Wilson Bugembe titled 'Hallelujah.' Stay tuned for the rhythmic magic of 'Nwanilako' as Nina Roz takes the music scene by storm, delivering a heartfelt anthem for lovers everywhere.

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Link to the song 


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