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Sunday 7 April 2024

MUSIC VIDEO: Aina More feat Seun Kuti - For My People


Unsigned UK Based Nigerian Rapper, Producer & Songwriter Aina More has kicked off her debut 2024 release with a cold, Hip Hop, 3 track EP “For My People” released 29th March 2024. Embrace yourself for the lead single & Video 'For My People', featuring World renown African vocalist and Saxophonist, Seun Kuti. Accompanied by a visual journey, a captivating documentary-style visual, which takes the viewer on a journey, introduced by Mr Kuti and through the lens of the community in Urban London via Brixton.

2 follow up tracks on the EP, ‘Our Men’ and ‘For Our People’ continue the theme of unapologetically black-empowering lyrics, over Hip-Hop beats.

Anticipate More as the next release ‘1 & Only’ boasts a collaboration between Aina More and veteran UK producer Carns Hill which is set for release in Summer 2024.

For all wavs. & mp3s, instrumental or acapella please click here or if you'd be interested in receiving any exclusives, learning more about Aina More or exploring future opportunities, please get in touch. We'd greatly appreciate any spotlight you can give to this music and as always we are more than enthusiastic about speaking to you more about this.

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