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Monday 21 March 2011

SEX SELLS: Timothy Bloom "till the End of time" music video

I dont know what the world is turning into but it seems like showing sexy positions in music videos goes a long way in getting your name and your talent recognised. The UK and beyond has been in a state of frenzy since the release of UK/Nigerian artist Skepta's latest music video "sex all over the house" which displays exactly what the lyrics say. On the other hand American singer Timothy Bloom's above video hasnt revealed any sex in various places but it sure shows off two healthy Afro bodies locked together whilst being naked. Both people are seen singing the very soulful song "till the end of time" to each other in the steamy position they are in. What this video does is capture your attention with the lady's outstanding "BEHIND" and the matching chocolate complexton that they both have ( no discrimination all skin complextions welcome here, just explaining visuals) gives the video a very dark and sexy feel too. Even though the visuals takes your full attention, its been done in such a way that the music is still the focal point . This is a wonderful case of both the video and song working well together to promote a song but i have to say the "A*s" on the lady is fine as hell. what do you guys think of the video ? Published by Adesope twitter/sopsydoo


  1. now thats sexy. even though they are naked, its done in an artistic way so its not offensive. kudos to the director. Ade

  2. I think this is the best idea to present