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Tuesday 1 November 2011

Stooshe - Betty Woz Gone (Heist Remixes) (Listen).Published by DjLanre

London-based three-piece have not only disregarded the girlband code of conduct, they’ve ripped it into teeny tiny shreds. They swear, they talk about sex, they wear weird clothes, they have (gasp) opinions and they’re really funny. Oh and they can sing. Really, really sing. 

Boisterous, mischievous, outgoing and witty, Alex Buggs, Courtney Rumbold and Karis Anderson are three brilliantly distinct personalities, as attainable as they are aspirational. They’re more likely to tell you about eating bananas off a stripper’s tit in Amsterdam than they are their favourite colour. Doing away with outdated ideas, when it comes to who they are and the music they make, StooShe are determinedly deconstructing stereotypes. 

Packed full of provocative, punchy wordplay, cutting-edge choruses and three incredible vocals, their sound is as bold as it is edgy. Filling a huge gap in the girlband market, StooShe deliver a ‘90s sensibility with a futuristic sound. Describing their entire philosophy as ‘GhettRo’, they combine Salt & Pepa with Odd Future, En Vogue with Jay-Z and TLC with The Supremes. Twitter -StooShe

Betty Woz Gone

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