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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Yole Feat. Oyinkansola - Relax. (Listen)

Yole, born Oluwatoyole Adepoju on May 11, 1989, is the first of four boys. The Nigerian born artist was taken to Sydney, Australia as a toddler and was introduced to orchestral music at a tender age. Yole’s interest in hip-hop started very early in life with strength in rap music as metaphors and similes became major ingredients in his style. Growing up, Yole participated in some rap competitions, improving his writing skills and never stopped free-styling.

Yole gained admission into Covenant University to study Petroleum engineering at the age of sixteen and continued writing songs and participated in numerous ciphers. With the help of producer Nasty (now Nastizzle) he recorded his first track titled ‘Black-White- Black’.

He and his family later moved to England and the exposure was limitless. It was the rebirth of Yole. The road has since been clear cut for the 22 year old who has since worked with Tintin, Silly Beats, Sencosonic, Contradiction, Oyinkansola, MsChief and many more. With his momentum in music, Yole is fast becoming a force to reckon with among artists both home and abroad. @mr_yole



  1. Vocally Oyin smashed it!

    1. yhhh oyinkansola was really good to listen to. love Yole's message too.

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  3. bwoy..that Yole guys got truth! Damn!!



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