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Thursday 22 November 2012

Please Vote For @thefeare to win Miss Jamaica Uk 2012 / 2013. Published by @Lanredavies

VOTING NOW OPEN: Read the bio as to why I think I should be crowned 2012-2013 and please vote for me :)
 Age: 21  
Height: 5’6"  
Parish of Parents: Mother and father both from Westmoreland  
Occupation: Actress/Presenter  
Hobbies: Travelling, playing netball, listening to music, piano-playing and theatre/performing arts
I am an extremely ambitious and pro-active individual. Earlier this year, I successfully completed a BA Hons degree in Business Management with Commercial Law, achieving a First Class Honours. I have never put a limit on the opportunities available to me and God willing, being crowned Miss Jamaica UK will enable me to accomplish even greater goals to inspire the people from the country which I am so proud to represent.

To be a successful ambassador you need to be able to interact with a range of people. I gained a Communication Award at Grade 7 from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts’ (LAMDA). Effective communication is fundamental and often life-changing; it proved invaluable whilst involved in the 2005 Tsunami in Thailand. 

This is just one of many examples of my strength and ability. Teamwork, commitment and leadership are also vital skills, playing sports at a professional level has afforded me the opportunity to learn the importance of these attributes. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, yet still return to Jamaica annually. For me nothing compares to the beautiful people, culture and overall serenity.

In 2011, I became a member of the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain and was elected to be a Student Ambassador and E-mentor, working with young people to build mutually supportive relationships. This year, I became the presenter for Snobbish TV, a brand new online lifestyle channel. I have been involved in events that encompass music, beauty, fashion, sport and mentoring; encouraging young black individuals through youth programmes. Recently, I have worked on the RAP Mentors project (Reaching All People) which involves the transformation of communities, school and homes; providing effective solutions to serious violence.

Being appointed Head Director within the Young Enterprise Scheme, I learnt to apply business theory to practice whilst creating a profitable venture. I have a natural entrepreneurial flair and future plans include opening a successful business in Jamaica.

Overall, I believe that I am a very personable, hardworking, confident and charismatic young woman. This has proved to be a phenomenal year for our country; celebrating 50 years of independence as well as our Olympic victories. I am eager to become Miss Jamaica UK as I think I would be the ideal representative to portray Jamaica in the positive and aspirational light in which it deserves, within the UK.

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