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Monday 17 June 2013

King David The Great BRAND NEW SINGLE SLOW WINE (Available On itunes).Published by @Lanredavies

If you have children you know what its like to have to rush them to the hospital sometimes, and seek medical assistance! That's why King David the Great is Donating Proceeds from he's New Single "SLOW WINE"ft Kyle Lettman to Evelina Childrens Hospital London. To Show Lve and support visit ITUNES and purchase the 79p Single and help save Lives and assist on going research at Evelina Children's Hopital London

About Slow Wine
"SLOW WINE "is a collective infusion of Authentic AFRICAN sounds merged with a CARIBBEAN twang!

It illuminates the Robust Musical Talent, of Both King David the Great and Kyle Lettman (former FDM’03 band member).

The song is 3minutes and 30seconds of “pure Bliss to the eardrums”, and “Explosive gyration to the Rhythmic Waist Line!”

It gives listeners no other option than to obey the Lyrics of the song and "SLOW WINE"

Your Lve and support is what Keeps Us going, thats why it is so appreciated

Live Links and Updates

Twitter: @kingdavid2k
YouTube: kingdavid2k
Intagram: kingdavid2k

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