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Friday, 7 June 2013

Rick Ross Hopes Other Rappers Learn from Him Losing Deal with Reebok (Read).Published by @Lanredavies

Rick Ross’ Reebok deal being dropped a lesson learned for the rapper? Rick Ross’ endorsement deal with Reebok went down the drain after the rapper spit some very controversial lyrics on the song “U.O.E.N.O.,” where he referenced date rape. Rick Ross spoke on the controversial lyrics after outrage surfaced, but that didn’t stop those who were highly upset with the rapper from going after his sponsors, a women’s rights group protesting that the shoe company cut ties with Rozay.

Rick Ross offered an apology for the offensive lyrics. However, it was a little too late for that as Reebok dropped him. While Rick Ross made it clear he was not happy over Reebok’s move, the company blamed the whole incident on the fact that Rick Ross had “stupid advisors.”

In an interview that he did with MTV News, Rick Ross spoke on losing his endorsement deal with Reebok, and says he views what happened as a learning experience for himself and the other artists of MMG, Rick Ross hoping that the younger members of his crew won’t make the same mistake he did:

“I mean, at the end of the day, once the dust settles, we’ll readdress the situation once the time is right, you know what I’m saying? As far as myself from Reebok, we got a healthy situation. But it most definitely was a learning situation. And you know, just for the little homies, just something for them to take away. That’s what’s important to me, what they take away from it.”

And though his deal with Reebok is no more, Rick Ross says that he will be fine, even if he never sells another shoe again:

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