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Tuesday 27 May 2014

FACTORY78: Ejyki Freestyle On kerewa inst. @Ejyki

It's not often one hears of an Artist that is unafraid to be creative and daring, coupled with a strong command of one's music. Ejike Ugwu AKA Ejyki possesses these qualities. The London based Nsukka , Enugu native doesn't cut corners in his sterling IGBO Hip Hop rap musics when delivering the uplifting lyrical content that is raw,honest and real.Inspired by the likes of late Tupac, MC Loph and Osita Osadabe Ejyki simply writes from the heart and expresses himself truthfully and culturally without the notion of trying to follow a trend -- I'm just being me'. Stated Ejyki...

The years of persistence, determination and hard work are evident throughout Ejyki's current and old singles with mouth watering videos to go with. Ejyki will soon be on the road delivering that cultural sound on his live sets. 'I'm excited about it all, the tracks are gaining momentum and the future is certainly looking up; concludes Ejyki.

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