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Sunday 22 June 2014

GADGET: Meet Harley Davidson's first leccy-powered motorbike!

Harley Davidson bikes tend to be LOUD, but that’s about to change with the latest model. Project Livewire is the company’s first electric motorbike, and it sounds like nothing we’ve heard before.

Harley hasn’t compromised the aesthetics for its eco-friendly two-wheeler: Project Livewire is an absolute stunner. Clad in matte black and grey, it looks just like a regular gas-guzzling hog. Only the lack of tailpipes give the game away.

In some ways, electric power and Harley Davidson are a match made in heaven. The company’s bikes are known for their easy acceleration, with massive engines offering up great big slugs of torque. So riders should love an electric bike, with its instant hit of power.

That results in stunning acceleration of 60mph in under four seconds. Harley also promises“an unmissable new sound”, although what that entails remains to be seen. Electric vehicles run practically silently, so presumably it’ll use artificial noise, which is intriguing. Though it’ll be sad to say goodbye to its iconic v-twin rumble.

The company is keeping mum on other details like the range, top speed, price, and availability. It’ll tour the bike around dealers in the US this year, then Europe in 2015.

Check out the Harley Davidson Project Livewire in action below:

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