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Thursday 7 August 2014

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Shaggy Reveals his Travel Secrets - 'I Stay In The Same Suite As Michael Jackson And Monkeys Jump Through The Window'

World famous singer Shaggy has toured the globe with his own blend of Jamaican-American fusion reggae. As he prepares to perform at the Liverpool International Music Festival, Mr Boombastic himself lets us into top travel tips.

Where is your next trip? Do you travel mostly for work or HOLIDAYS?

I am currently on tour throughout Europe in Italy at the moment. I will be in Germany,Netherlands, Slovenia, France and of course the UK. I would say both. I try and get in HOLIDAYS as often as I can to recharge and spend time with my family

Most memorable travel destination?

Let’s just say, Democratic Republic of Congo is a very challenging place to visit, to say the least.

What's the most amazing HOTEL you've ever stayed in?

Sun City, South Africa. I stayed in this massive suite that Michael Jackson would stay in when he was there. Funny thing is that monkeys climb the outside of the HOTEL and jump in your room to grab the fruit that you have. It is a very beautiful place.

What are you most looking forward to about being in the UK?

Always good to be in front of the UK crowd, Liverpool is a place with great history and I am curious to see what the vibe is going to be like.

Do you have any favourite places to visit in the UK?

I like going to Little Ochi to get some good Jamaican food when I’m in London.

Where else do you really enjoy visiting in the world? Any top HOLIDAY spots?

Besides taking my HOLIDAYS on the North Coast of Jamaica, I enjoy Venice, Italy and Amsterdam.

Shaggy will be performing at the The Liverpool International Music Festival, which runs from Wednesday 13 until Sunday August 31.

Across the 19 days there will be performances from artists including Boy George, Shaggy, Tim Burgess, Foxes, Goldie, The Hoosiers, Ella Eyre, Kid Creole and

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